Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Treason Season

Is it too early to start talkin Turkey Bowl trash? Is this the year Eddie finally *finds* a step instead of losing one? How many plays will it be before Ka is doubled over and cramped up (two)? How many cheap shots (slide tackles, trips, belly punches) is Jim going to take at Eddie? Who's gonna smoke the first cigarette? Will this be the first year Christopher "Trained Killer" Carter is going to make an appearance? Any word on if Mr. George Moore is going to be in town? I hope you guys have started training.. I know I sure haven't. By the way, what Turkey Bowl are we up to? Did we start before graduating? This has gotta be at least Turkey Bowl X.


  1. It is never too early to start talking Turkey Bowl. Alex, I hope you can bring some of your crew so that we have a good number for teams. Otherwise we could always invite the likes of Gersch, Grace, Kyle Kegg and Nowa's old roomate Antwan Savage.

  2. i never got to play in a turkey bowl. I feel sad about that.
    I't 4pm and pitch black outside, just so you know. Living so perilously north isn't fun anymore.....