Tuesday, November 29, 2005

SPORTS DESK: It's an 8-Ballers League!!!

Ok... The dust is settling....

A quick summary: The 7-5 teams have it simple (win and your in), Shea needs an Alex win, and Alex needs a miracle. Jimmy and Gormans hopes were dashed and Shea lost a tough one.

When I use the term "Logjam" in this post I am not referring to the Jackie Treehorn production starring Karl Hungus. Logjam in this post means anytime more then 2 teams are tied for a spot. Then it comes to points....generally.

Here is the rundown:

Regular season Champs
Ed 10-2

Witt 7-5
Joe 7-5
Brad 7-5

Needs a WITTEN loss BAD!!!, or crazy LogJam!
Shea 6-6 (If a three way tie with Alex/Witt for the final spot you are in...This requires a Witten Loss)

Needs a Win and needs to beat Witten by about 115pts
Alex 6-6 (And at least 1 of the other contenders to lose)

IF A LOSS.....you are out if

...By Shea (the easy way)
2. Joe/Witt/Brad in no matter what, unless Alex beats Witt by 110, then ALex would be in...

...by Joe
1. He is in unless a crazy logjam happens and he finishes last in the points of the group (doubtful)
2. The reason his negative TB w/Alex doesnt really matter is because for Alex to tie with Joe he would have to beat Witt, this tying him with Witt also. Joe has a TB over Witt, Alex over Joe, etc. Then a point off would have to happen...Sorry Alex, nice run!

...by Brad
1. Basically he is tied with everyone on the season (and has TB over Alex too), therefore the only way he can be out is if he loses a point off.

...by Witten
1. ALex beats him by 110 pts -OR-
2. Shea Wins and Joe/Brad win
3. Brad/Joe Lose and Shea Wins, he must outscore Shea by 41 this week


1. The only two games that have any real bearing on who makes the playoffs (seeding is a whole different matter) are Shea v. Lobao and Alex v. Witt.


3. I pretty sure all this is right....


  1. Please forward your league dues!!!!

    I you make the playoffs dont worry about it. YOur winnings will be adjusted accordingly..

    Send Now: Erick, Ka, Alex, Gorman (got it already), jimmy, Shea

    2568 Windflower Road
    C-bus, 43026

  2. Windflower Road, eh? Manly.

    Check out (another) brilliant post about fixing the BCS at collegefootballblog.org - in short - no automatic bids, 1-8 only.

    My favorite part (on why at 7-4 Colorado has no business being in the BCS):

    "If Colorado defeats Texas on Saturday, does anyone really believe the Buffs had a better season than the Longhorns? Isn't it accolade enough to be crowned the Big XII champion without being given the additional honor of being murdered in the Fiesta Bowl?"

    Although.. if they actually "fix" the BCS and get rid of the controversy, then that's one less (major) argument for a tournament.. So in theory, the more teams that get screwed, the sooner off we'll get a playoff..

  3. That site rocks... certainly one of my fav's... it's like Ed's fantasy analysis only breaking down College football scenarios.

  4. Maybe I'm pretty oblivious, and if so please don't ridicule me too bad, but why does USC automatically win the Pac-10 if they lose this weekend? Wouldn't they and UCLA both have one loss in league play with UCLA winning head-to-head?

  5. I don't know either - it seems like if UCLA beat USC head-to-head in the last week of the season, then UCLA ought to go to the BCS - I did a quick USC win pac 10 football google, and found this:

    "USC CLINCHES BCS BERTH: USC has earned the Pac-10's automatic berth in the Bowl Championship Series. A UCLA victory over the Trojans in the regular season's final game on Dec. 3 would create a three-way tie for the Pac-10 championship at 7-1 among USC, UCLA and Oregon. Because the three did not all play one another (Oregon and UCLA did not meet), results against common opponents are compared moving down the Pac-10 standings. UCLA would be eliminated due to its loss to Arizona, and then USC would get the nod for its head-to-head win against Oregon."