Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Sports Desk: The Dust hasnt settled....

Week Ten of the Fantasy League leaves many questions unanswered. That improbalbe tie between Gordo and Jimmy really throws a wrench in the works. Will Jimmy hold on to his half game lead for 4th or will the tie work to Gordo's favor because it perserved his tiebreaker over Jimmy?

Here is the rundown:

Home-field throughout the playoffs
Ed 9-1 (holds a the tiebreaker over Joe and Witt, only other teams that can have 9 wins)

Win out and your in
Witt 6-4 (has tie-breaker over Jim, not Shea or Joe, comes to pts. vs. Brad, )
Joe 6-4 (Giant game v. Brad this week, TB over Witt & Shea, really only needs 2 of 3 wins)
Jim 5-4-1 (Kissed his sister this week, Good Luck vs. the Ballers)

Basically Controls own Destiny
Brad 5-5 (Scary team, plays Joe/Shea/Ed, 3 wins and point title would mean P.O. berth)

Fighting Chance
Shea 5-5 (Has biggest game in Week 12 vs. Brad, needs to hold own in wks. 11&13 vs Ka/Erick)
Gordo 4-5-1(Has TB over Jim, Games in 12 & 13 vs Andy/Joe, needs help)

Play the Mega-Millions...
Alex 4-6 (has to win out, and have lightning strike, while winning Lottery, and stumbling into Bikini calender shoot)

Win the Mega-Millions 4 times in a row
Ka 3-7 (Win all games...Shea/Ed/Jim, Then Jimmy loose all three + Brad or Shea loose all 3, with the other one going 1-2, + Gordo going 1-2 along with scoring about 200 pts more then the 0-3 team out of Shea and Brad, and probably a few more things, GOOD LUCK!!!)

6 teams would have to actually turn down a spot in the playoffs
Erick 2-8

The big Games this week

1. Joe (6-4) vs. Brad (5-5): The scariest team in the league vs. LT coming off a bye...HUGE!
2. Ed (9-1) vs. Jim (5-4-1): Can Ed avenge his only loss, or will Jimmy take the key step towards the playoffs)
3. Andy (6-4) vs. Erick; Dont get embarrased Witten!!!

The picture will reamin cloudy especially if....Well it pretty much will until the big matchups in week 12.


  1. Here's an ESPN article on Michael Redd, Columbus, NativeChurch is Redd's gift to his grateful father

  2. Nice post Ed, way to break it down.

    And cool article on Redd. His high school, West, is only about 5 miles or so from ours, just off of W. Broad. I wonder if anyone we know played against him.