Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Publishing Tools

In keeping with the 'bigger and badder posts' theme I thought I'd highlight a couple of blogging tools that can help you spice up your posts. Still there? Alright w.bloggar is a program you can download to create & edit posts on your desktop. It almost looks like a miniture version of MS Word, but it's sole purpose is to format your text and publish it to a variety of blogging services. You can use it to insert a variety of html tags to do things like create tables that are centered (example below). Oh and don't overlook , forget, disregard the power of the strike through.


Also, mentioned previously the blogger for word plugin lets you publish posts to the blog using MS Word.

Don't forget a lot of these formatting controls are also accessible when you switch to compose mode instead of html mode... (check out this image).

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