Friday, November 18, 2005

Predictions? OSU vs Michigan

I'm surprised this thread wasn't started earlier.

My prediction:
OSU 24 - 21

It's gonna be a good one... what are people doing for the game? Ed, have you left for Ann Arbor yet?


  1. I'm predicting a nontraditional shoot out, with the Bucks pulling off a 45 - 41 barn burner. Santonio Holmes will not be denied.

  2. Erick, Its hilarious that you put up that post I was gonna do it yesterday...

    It doesnt look like Im going to the Whore (aka Ann Arbor) do to monetary/ticke concerns...

    Ohio State 31 Michigan 17

  3. Anonymous3:29 PM

    does this mean than ed might grace the evans's with his presence on saturday? doubt it

  4. i predict a 26-21 Buckeye win....

    Probably w/ a sweet Gonzozales catch followed by a Pittman game-winning TD with like 30 seconds left...

    Just a wild guess!