Friday, November 04, 2005

More New Music

"The Artic Monkeys" are taking the UK by storm with their current hit "you look good on the dance floor". Click the link to be taken to a site that let's you download demo's and view a video

"Hard-Fi" are another great new band. Their album, Stars of CCTV, is a big hit.

BBC radio one is a big adviocate of new music. After John Peels premature death over a year ago, the job of promoting new music to the msses was given to Zane Lowe. He does a good job. you can listen to Radio 1 on Sirius and other digital stations, as well as online:


  1. Sweet! I was planning on a music post soon, looks like I'll have to check these guys out.

  2. Hard to believe it but the arctic monkeys are like what 14 years old? They rock. Were they even born in 1984? Oh and they've stole like 20 of my riffs... I demand a roalty check.