Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dart Leauge Finale?

What's the word? With Gorman in town, and a bunch of you in the dart leauge it makes sense to drink a pint or two at the local pub. What time does this thing go down... 8:00pm-ish?


  1. Tonight is the "Dart Party." There isn't anymore league play until next year but there will be a blind draw. If you didn't play and want to you can pay $5, get paired with someone then play a single elimination tournament.

    Unlike many times in recent dart seasons The Money Shots (Brad, Scott, Haris, Rick, and newest member Ed) didn't come in last place. We were 6th. It literally came down to the last game, game 130 out of 130.

    And here's an update for the horse-sex story we have all been following...

  2. It is unfortunate that I missed the dart tournament. Maybe next year, I can get paired with someone and play.

  3. Anyone take a look at this wong online poker's page? It's amazing... one of the most subtle spam-blogs ever... I'm not even 100% sure is a spam blog... but it just reeks of spam. Last night I did a little digging and came across this cashed version of the same url so check out the link from his name, then this cashed version.

    Great update on the horse-sex story by the way... man wouldn't it be great to see those google adds pick up that phrase.