Monday, November 14, 2005

Bullet Boys

I watched an absolutely brilliant film this weekend, called Bullet Boy. It's a british film about this young, black kid, trying to go carlito, but in Hackney, London.

In other news England Defeated the Arsey Argies. It was an absolutely stunning of the best i have ever seen. End to end stuff, chances galore from both sides, a simmering under current of post Falklands tension and 5 goals!

Scotland 1 - 1 USA. From what i heard, the USA were all over them like a rash. I dunno How you didn't win!

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  1. I did a couple of searches for Bullet Boys and I'm not sure if it was ever widely released here in the states. Looks cool though... From the IMDb "Trivia: Half of the main casts were not professional actors. They were recruited from the streets of London."

    Also check out this BBC Photo Gallery of the football matches... Sounds like the England Argentina game was sweet.

    Hows about a full fledged world cup preview?