Sunday, November 27, 2005

10th Annual Turkey Bowl

Group Shot
Originally uploaded by erocka.
The Turkey bowl was a success, no one was severely injured and everyone had a good time. I was expecting a fresh layer of snow on the ground, but it didn't happen. Jake Larison was the games M.V.P. as he threw for a bunch of touchdowns and had several huge interceptions. I tried to call as many freaky plays as possible (even had a hot read "CODE RED"). The games had a good leather helmet feel, with a bunch of wing formation running plays being called. Anyway, now I'm sore as hell and the pictures have been posted to flickr. You can click the picture to view the pics or click here for the set, or here to view as a slideshow.


  1. Damn it, i'm jealous. With England being the current Rugby world champs I feel i could have added to the atmosphere...even if i only ever would pass it backwards.

  2. We'd make great teamates... I'm always looking for the last second lateral (backwards pass).

  3. Those pictures turned out great - does this means Ed is off the hook for not playing this year? Also, your digital camera did a great job of capturing those actions shots.. I know we weren't moving *that* fast, but still..

  4. I've still got more high res versions at home... when you upload more than one photo at a time using picasa they bump the resolution down... in the end they look a little sharper when your zooming in on some of the pics. Also I need to open up the manual for the camera... it can do all sorts of sports modes with rapid fire exposures... Ed did a great job though, especially when he got "in the huddle"