Tuesday, October 04, 2005

X-Prize man launches rocket race!

Peter Diamandis, the man behind the $10m X-Prize for suborbital space travel, has brought forward his new initiative: the Rocket Racing League.
The RRL will see Grand Prix-style races between rocket planes, flown by top pilots through a "3D trackway" just 5,000ft (1,500m) above the ground.

The first "X-Racers" will be built for the series, but it is hoped new teams will soon enter with novel designs.

Events will be staged across the US, culminating in a final in New Mexico.

Of course it will Mr. Diandis, of course it will.....


  1. This could be more interesting than nascar... imagine the crashes!

  2. CNET has more pics, including one of the prototype racers...

    Link Here

  3. How the heck will they film those things?