Monday, October 10, 2005

No Way!

No Way! I'm off to Norway! I got flights to Oslo for 3 pence each (no shit!)...thats 6 pence return. so i splashed out and am taking the current Mrs. Hargreaves with me. The i realised i had to pay £25 tax on each flight...bummer.
Anyway, i'm there for about 5 days at the end of this month. Click the link for more info....


  1. Nice work... be sure to take a lot of pictures... your our international affiliate and we need your input! So are you going to ski or snowboard? How long is that flight to Norway, I can't believe a plane ticket is less than train fare.

  2. Flight is only an hour or 90mins or something. Will do with the pictures. Not sure if i can afford the skiing or snowboarding, but there should be snow and it'll be damn cold. We have to get the local bus from the airpport to the central depot of Oslo and find the hotel ourselves....should be 'interesting'. i'm there for Halloween too, so that should be good.