Thursday, October 27, 2005

Homeward Bound

Besides being my all-time-favorite movie, that phrase has new meaning for me today. Earlier this week we found a house we liked and just this morning, our offer was accepted. We'll soon be homeowners. We ended up choosing West Chester, just north of 275 and east of 75. It's still a short drive to work but you can get more for your money out there. So, Neighbor Joe, we'll need to celebrate in some way I think. We don't close until the 21st on November, pretty soon really, but when we do you can all come down (even the Brit). In Halloween news, Stefanie's got a wedding to go to Saturday and a baby shower on Sunday so... I figure I'll want to hang myself by Monday.


  1. I guess robots can now interpret randomly generated images... damn... there may be a few more things we can do and I can always delete comments.

    Congrats on finding the house!!! I feel for you and your weekend plans, at least you can skip out of the baby shower right?

  2. Nice work Chris. Congratulations

  3. Cool... From what I've heard, West Chester is a nice new part of town. Similar to Dublin probably. If you need any help moving in let me know. It could possibly get me out of having to go to a wedding or baby shower or something.