Monday, September 26, 2005

Remember the bloodhound gang?

They've got a new album coming out, which you can stream for free here. Also check out their site where you can watch the video for their first single... ya gotta love double entendre. In case you forgot these are the guys who sang...
"You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals, So let's do it like the do on the Discovery Channel."


  1. Speaking of new music... I got the new Thievery Corporation CD Cosmic Game. The brit turned me on to a couple of their older tracks and I like the new stuff a lot. It's kinda chill, groove oriented electronica with some cool guest singers (Perry Ferel). Good to have on in the background while working.

    Anyone else have new music suggestions?

  2. I've got nothin.. although I'm definitely open to suggestions - my only requirement is that it rocks, and it rocks hard... call me crazy, but I doubt the new Bloodhound Gang album fits that description.

    In other news, Tool is in the studio and supposedly has tour dates lined up in Australia for '06.. so hopefully we'll get an album outta them sooner than later.