Monday, June 06, 2005

The world is getting smaller...

After searching for Curitiba flickr tags on Saturday (that's where my father's side of the family lives) I found a few pictures from some graphic designer who then linked to this guy... Who evidentially did the work on the updated Tool flash intro. Anyway, this reminded me that its probably time to update the links on the left-hand side of the blog. Anyone have suggestions? I use the blog as one of my homepages in firefox, and in turn I often rely on the links. Let me know if there are other blogs you'd like to link to or any other sites.

Here's a second site from anies, the flickr guy... sterotypography (it seems like a blog synthesiser for people in design). People in design are funky... check out this site. IF


  1. I think we might need to take a trip to looks beautiful!

  2. Oh yea, here's a link the flickr curitiba group... and curitiba tags.

    I need to brush up on my portuguese.

  3. A link to a sports site or two would be cool. is pretty good for world news, maybe the Dispatch for local stuff.

    Here's a site where you can view recent political cartoons:

    Also, the "Worldview" option on this site is pretty cool:

  4. lonely planet is great for travel info... thanks for pointing it out. Maybe the cleveland plain dealer would be a good link for Ohio news, I hear they don't require a login. Rock on!