Wednesday, June 08, 2005

NBA Finals start tomorrow @ 9pm EST

I really haven't watched much of the NBA playoffs this year, primarily because I choose to shun cable TV in favor of blogs and (what ever floats your boat right). Anyway ABC will be carrying the final series between San Antonio and Detroit so I'll be able to tune in. I really enjoy watching both teams play and I'm looking forward to a good series (full schedule here).

I found this article from ESPN Page2 The Sports Guy (Bill Simmons), which makes the case for Tim Duncan being the greatest power forward of all-time (He takes a quick jab at Shawn Kemp in this section). He's picking San Antonio in 5. The column also makes some good points on the NBA in general and concludes with his top 7 "Underrated NBA finals moments." Page 2 : Defining the NBA Finals

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  1. I agree with that guy, the Spurs will probably win it. But I still am rooting for the Pistons. I mean, they've got a dude named Chauncy, Raweed Wallace and Ben Wallace, a graduate of Tri-C (Cleveland's version of Columbus State).