Tuesday, June 21, 2005

geeked out:

So I started my new job last week and got my new computer, which happens to be the most badass laptop I have ever held in my arms..... Not that anybody really gives a shit but that is the beauty of the blog you can post whatever the fuck you want.

Pentium M 1.75Mhz
2 Gigs of RAM
60 Gig HD
80 Gig HD that is removable and docs in the drive bay
DVD CD Burner
Built in Wireless
Extended battery that will last around 6 hours

hope you all enjoyed

Where the fuck is everybody? anybody do any drinking last weekend, seems like no one was around.


  1. That is quite a system...my work computer needs to be shot buts its been through alot which includes a few drops...it has a external wireless reciever thats plugs into my USB....what a piece.

    Also where are you working now?

  2. work for Informatica again, this time doing pre-sales consulting so I am a technical sales guy.

  3. Sounds nice... I love my laptop, but I kinda got screwed as I got it right after the pentium Ms started coming out. At the time my P4 had a slight advantage over the pentium M in speed/performance, but now the Ms outperform the P4s and make a big difference in power consumption... my 15" WSXGA monitor doesn't help either. Also I got a beefy video card which allows me to barely play the new battlefield 4 demo... whatever... lately I've been drooling over the treo 650, having web browsing capabilities from anywhere really turns me on... no offence Traci. What brand is the laptop? Anyone have any experience with newer tablet PCs?

  4. mine is a IBM T41

  5. I totally fucked my laptop up as a result of a weekend porn binge... it blows though so I figure it was well worth it.
    don't judge!

  6. Porn is dangerous... persian kitty has been rocking the web for a long time (36.6k modem days) and I was first introduced to the hun at Ohio Wesleyan. If you want a little protection download firefox... its a much safer web browser in my geek opinion. I've been explaining the benifits for a while... oh yea the Department of Homeland Security put a memo out over the winter suggesting it as a viable alternative to IE...(link on the side of the blog) don't get me started on fire fox, I've moved on to flickr!

  7. interesting... I've got Norton Symantec on my desktop but it's not really worth the money. I still get pop ups and crap randomly downloaded on my computer... and not even cause I love the porn. Is there anything else you recommend for security?

  8. Here's my list, it will take about an hour to complete everything.

    1) Run windows update. In internet explorer you click the tools pull down, then windows update. The express install is all you need, just follow the steps and install the critical security updates. If your running windows XP they may ask you to install service pack 2 which is recommended but its a 100mb download so I've been putting this off. Also you can turn on automatic updates and the computer will download updates on its own... usually around 3:00am.

    2) Download and run spybot (its a spyware remover that I use, there are plenty out there but I trust this one). Here's a tutorial from cnet. Some people recommend running more than one spyware program too. You'll be surprised what they find, a lot of stuff is adware (which tracks where you go on the web and causes pop-ups).

    3) switch to firefox, I get about one or two pop-ups a week. And they tend to release updates within hours of finding a critical hole. And firefox has more features (tabbed browsing being the best all time-time saver when looking at internet porn!)