Friday, June 03, 2005


What's up Kids? Thought i would get in early with the GMT friday shout out! PLans for the weekend? Well money needs to be saved - so tonight might be a quiet one, with a movie and a pizza and it#'s friday, i ain't got no job tomorrow, i think i'm gonna ....

Anyway, saturday i intend on visiting this Puto car audio/Dub place to check out MP3 CD players for the car - mainly because it may be time to sell it. But before i do i want to get rid of that gross Silver CD player the dumb dude put in, sort out some minor body work and maybe get the alloy's shot blasted and re-sealed. BLING!

You guys?


  1. Andy, you know what Puto means in Spanish right? If they try to sell you the "joto" speaker set I suggest you pass. Just stick to car audio there and you should be safe.

    I too am broke as hell, so my weekend will surely consist of only cheap things to do. Tonight I hope to talk Erin into going to the local bar. A friend from college is moving to Baltimore and having a going away party on Saturday that E and I will likely attend. Sunday I would like to play golf. I'd be willing to travel a bit to play. Any takers?

  2. I think most of the people in Columbus will be at Victory's tonight to welcome back Rob. Tomorrow night is Jared's birthday party... if the weather's good I'm guessing flip cups or beer pong followed up by a bunch of drunk people singing happy birthday to Jared at 2:00am EST. Is a keg in order? By the way will you send me a text message... I have your number but it doesn't seem to work when I text you. Oh yea and I WILL send you the DVD I put together.

  3. I might be down with a Sunday throw down... you name the place.

  4. my 'mobile phone' number is +447843417129