Monday, June 13, 2005

ET's New Pad

So any word back on the offer? Where is the potentially new crib, come on erick no google sat view posted yet what is wrong with you.


  1. The new crib is on Virginia between 3rd and Northwest...perfect for walking to Byrnes and stumbling home from. They countered with 205,000 and we countered back with 190. We are really excited about it and hope things work out in our favor. We'll keep you posted!

  2. Speaking of offers i got an email offer for my car last ngiht, but the guy seems a bit dodgy. He's never seen it, lives about 400 miles away and is WAY too keen. He's asking for my address, which he's not getting until i speak to the weirdo. see below for his email and then tell me what you think. All seems too good to be true.....
    > I am Spencer Potter, I am based in Wales. I am highly interested in
    >buying Your car valued at £3995 .I will like you to explain the
    >condition, the full vehicle history, and finance report if there is
    >one, with some more pictures. I will like to know the price and also If
    >it's available,Please send me the following information:
    >1. Your address, name, and telephone no.
    >2. The last price.
    >Payment will be made via a cheque/Bank draft. Get back to me urgently
    >if still Available and I look forward to a successful transaction with you.
    >Kind Regards
    >Spencer & Elizabeth.....