Friday, June 10, 2005

Blah, blah, blogg...

Andy, no way my old Civic was worth 1000 Pounds, maybe 1000 Pesos on a good day. And I know a girl from OSU that shares your car's nickname. Suki (Sukanya) is my buddy Greg's girlfriend, she lives in NY, works for the UN and is taking classes at Columbia for a Masters in International Relations, what a loser huh? Anyways, that Jeep thing you mentioned in KY sounds cool Erick, but I have tickets to the Reds/Orioles game tomorrow with Nowa and Chuha. I read that the game will be the first to field three 500+ homerun hitters - Sosa, Palmeiro and Junior.

I just saw Cinderella Man. Great flick. It is hard to believe that it really happened. Also, White Noise is a pretty good rental. It is a suspence/horror movie that has similarities to Steven King's Lawnmower Man.

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  1. Happy birthday Joe... a couple of days late... you da man. Now that I think about it we could probably add a little calander to the side of the blog with the current month and up coming important dates... maybe during the winter I'll get to it. Have fun at the baseball game. Traci and I are probably going to put an offer in on a house in Grandview tomorrow... so we've got that to occupy us. As always... continue to rock!