Thursday, May 19, 2005

Weekend plans?

After tonight (STAR WARS @ 7:00pm LENNOX), I'll need to think about the weekend and appreciate what I've got and where I'm at. So two things I know of going on this weekend...
  1. Manual labor down at the OPR. Mowing, trimming, pulling, chopping, you name it. It's time to do a little up keep on the property in preparation for the "All-Night Orgy of Mayhem".

  2. Ed's Graduation ceremony / party up in Cleveland. I'm guessing this one's going to be a festival of alcohol consumption in honor of leaving the public education system behind.
One more thing... if you've got old pictures from the pig-roast sitting on a computer somewhere, share them with the rest of the crew by adding them to the ohiopigroast group at flickr. Many of you have set up accounts but that's just the first step. Word!

Remember this?

This is going to be the cover of NCAA football 2006. Can you believe it?


  1. After that season my dad was sent a video tape showing major fuck-ups by college refs, there was something like 4 or 5 illegal blocks in the back on that run. If I recall correctly the first one was inside the 10, which would have brought it back half the distance from the infraction, or somewhere between the goal line and the 5

  2. Damn! Hopefully this year Ginn and Juice will break any records of Howard's that he hasn't already broken.

    As for this weekend, I'm heading to 'Bama to drink and play golf with Patricio.

    Right now I am enjoying the thought of never having to return to the hell hole called law school and drinking a Corona.

    Lobakes, check out this article:

    Look at how many grams he had... classic.

    And how do you put hyperlinks in comments?

    Jose "Long Comment" Primavera

  3. You lucky bastard... have fun with gorman and takes some pics for the flickr album (selfish flickr promotion sorry). To make your text a hyper-link you need to wrap your web address with tags. Here's a link to blogger help>.

    It's not hard once you get the hang of it. You can also look at what blogger does to your text when you post a url using the link button to see an example.

  4. Oh yea, congrats on finishing up law school... no mo edumacation

  5. oh yea and 40 grams = 1.41 ounces... I'm sure law enforcement like posting bigger numbers.