Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Sports Headlines...

ESPN.com - NFL - Colts safety Doss arrested on gun charges

What the hell is the buckeye world comming too? Of course he's innocent until proven guilty.. but this just adds more weight to Jim Rome's moniker for Tressel... "The Warden."

U.S. doesn't embarrass itself
The US lost to England 2-1 on Saturday in Chicago.


  1. To be honest i was half expecting a US win. The England Squad was down to the bare bones - granted - but there are now several high profile US players playing here (McBride, BocaNegra, Howard) which had me a little worried!

  2. Romie is an asshole, but he's usually right. The Bucks seem to be turning into the 21st Century's version of the Miami Hurricanes. I can't believe Eric Haw got busted for smoking weed. We need good running backs this year. At least he didn't get busted for slanging it, like the kicker did.