Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Rob D's condition

Here's the most recent info:

As you all know Rob was wounded from a grenade somewhere in Western Iraq. He is currently at a military hospital outside Bahgdad. He actually called Dan two days ago on a satellite phone. Dan said Robbie sounded good, was coherent and everything, he just sounded a bit tired/sedated. He has nerve damage in his back and/or right leg and can get around a little on crutches. FRom what i understand he will go to Kuwait for some testing, but his stay there may only be temporary. There is a chance he will return to Iraq to recover there. I have his address and will post it in minute.

I encourage all of you to write him. Ive spoken with Dan and a few other military people I know and they said letters from home at a time like are a must. I sent him a letter yesterday. I told him we are all thinking about him and that I gave all of you his address. So now y'all are on the spot. I asked people what is appropriate in the letter.... They said its totally fine to include everything thats going on here. I told him about how I talked to grace teh other day and just a bunch of other random stuff. PLEASE WRITE HIM!!!!

I will be putting together a few smaller care packages mostly magazines, chew and candy. In my letter I told him to write back if he could but I understand if he cant. The main thing I stressed was if he needs anything to somehow get word back to us (thru dan, or anybody) and it will be sent ASAP.

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