Thursday, May 12, 2005

"Real" Football

Here's some soccer news for you... I'm guess The Brit is talking about this with his mates over a pint at a pub.

An America increased his shares of Manchester United Stock to 70%, becoming the majority holder of one of, if not the biggest sports franchise in the world Manchester United. This cost him 790 million pounds ($1.5 billion). Does this mean people will start doing the "USA chant" at Old Tratfford... I think not.
Glazer wins control of Man United

Also we might be able to watch David Beckham and Michael Owen take on the US on our shores. There are two 'friendly' matches scheduled for this summer between the two teams. The first one's in Chicago on May 28th (two weeks away). Nate Dogg if your reading this, I might need to schedule some couch time in for that weekend. Crappy tickets cost $28 bucks. Anyone been to the new soldier field? How are the cheap seats?
Eriksson may try for Beckham, Owen to face U.S.

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  1. You're partly correct. I am sitting aorund tlaking about it - but it's not 'soccer' news. it's football.
    I dunno if this is good thing or not. To make money, glazer has to ensure the team perform and win trophies - but so many fans are unhappy they are prepared to walk away, burn season tickets and avoid buying merchandise. Thus if they aren't raking in money through tickets and shirt sales, players can't be bought, and thus trophies can't be won.....maybe.