Monday, May 09, 2005

OPR @ Flickr

Which url should we use for the Pig-roast-flickr account?




By using a flickr account we can get people to post their own pictures of the pig-roast, rather than having brad do all the work of hosting, linking, editing, formatting... yada, yada, yada. Speaking of… get your pictures in the photo album! Load some pictures, so far we've got three contributors and the more the merrier. Everyone should have received an invite, let me know if you haven’t. It takes a little time to figure out how flickr works but I think its worth it.


  1. Tomorrow after work I was going to work on flickr and the website. Would everyone who wants to upload pictures the the OPR group have to be invited? It shouldn't be a problem if they request it then we can send them an email doing so right? Tomorrow though, I promise.

    You know how we mentioned having a pig roast kick off party this Saturday? Well, too little too late, I'll get the website done this week and get an email out soon but the next best time for Jared's birthday/Kick off party is the first weekend in June

  2. I set it up as a "public group" so all you should have to do is create your own flickr account, find the group (we'd provide the link) and then click join).

    Give it a try for those of you that have an account... I haven't set the url yet... but I think it should be ohiopigroast just to stay consistent.

    the site is here

    Once we pick a url, all those numbers will be replaced. See if you can join the group.

  3. Speaking of flickr groups check these out...



    The Toon!

  4. I uploaded a picture, but it's not part of the pool. How did I fuck up? What do I have to do?

  5. Once you load a photo its part of your "photo stream" At that poing you click on organize.

    From here you will load your photos in the left pane, press load all photos. Then in the right pane you'll see a groups tab. Selecting that tab will show all the groups you belong too... then drag your pic to the group you want.

  6. Thanks. Does my picture show up?

  7. I think I've got it now, Thanks Erick

  8. I saved an icon too. Is that cool? It's what was used for the concrete canoe shirts