Friday, May 06, 2005

FireFox Coins it In

Firefox coins celebrate success


  1. Where's my coin at? On a more serious note, how did the election go? Looks like Blair is the winner, is it officially decided? You guys don't have to wait a day or two for 'election anomalies' to be accounted for? Oh yea and did you get the day off to vote?

  2. Blair, and the labour party, won. However the Liberal Democrats, who i voted for, bit into labour's parliamnetary majority by a massive amount. I'm rather happy with the result as the Lib dems have never actually held office, so i was a little nervous as to whether they could live up to their promises. However, they now hold more power in Parliament than ever before, so i should still see some 'lib dem' slant on what is going on in Parliament.

  3. It was ME whotold YOU about Firefox! I want that coin!