Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Gorman, how's about those White Sox? They had an eight game winning streak in late April and they now have the number one "power ranking" in baseball. Do you think they have what it takes to go all the way this year?

Nowa and Ed, my mistake for not mentioning the Cardinals in my discussion of the Reds and the NL Central last month. They own the National League and will likely have no trouble smoking the Cubs, Reds and Astros. But can the big four step it up in the playoffs this year?


  1. Yeah man - the Sox have been a pleasant surprise.. pitching, pitching, pitching - Buehrle (almost won 20 a few years back), El Duque, Garland (first to 5 wins in AL), and Freddie Garcia make up a pretty strong staff - if they get some run support, they've got a solid shot at the playoffs. Big Frank is out injured right now too - so he may provide a boost.

    Down here it's all Braves, all the time.. that and the AA Huntsville Stars (who have a "polecat" that looks like a skunk as a mascot - go figure). Although Braves tickets are easy to get - even when they're in the playoffs - so October may be a good time to road trip it.

    While we're talking baseball - I love PTI, but is it just me - or do those guys have to talk about the fucking Yankees *every day*? Who really cares if the Yanks changed their lineup this week, or little George is throwing a temper tantrum. They almost make me want to join Joe and Lobao and cancel cable.. alomst.

  2. This might be my naive baseball understanding, but I don't think the white sox play in that competitive of a division. I can see they have the best record in baseball so yea they're playing well... but as far as I know cleveland, K.C., and detroit are middle of the road teams at best.

    I guess I just feel the east-coast, PTI bias. I know what you mean about them, I think they purposely have a segment on the sox & yankees... good or bad, right or wrong their the two biggest teams in baseball right now. You know Kornhieser reads all the new york tabloids everyday so that's gotta be influencing his show.

    Speaking of PTI, seth has it down to a science... watching it with tivo. Since they have that little side bar thing you can just fast-forward to the news / debate your interested in. (You could FF past their daily sox/yankees tirade).