Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Silly Fingers

From today's Papers:

Comments taken from Wednesday's Daily Express Newspaper apparently made by Newcastle United Chairman Freddy Shepherd regarding abusive texts from Craig Bellamy's (Currently kicked out of the club and on loan at Celtic) phone that were sent to his son Kenneth Shepherd and Star Striker Alan Shearer:

“It’s true that messages were received from Bellamy’s phone – but he got more than he bargained for from Alan Shearer.

“The text he sent to Kenneth was mildly upsetting but what he said to Shearer was insulting.

“It was along the lines that he was past it and his legs had gone and that he was going to come back here from Celtic.

“I can tell you there is no chance of that. Bellamy has taken on a hero in Alan and there is only one winner of that one. And it is not Bellamy.

“Alan might have thought twice about firing off a reply but he was obviously so riled he reacted. He told Bellamy he would knock his block off if he ever set foot back in Newcastle.”


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  1. The drama continues! This reminds me of the Kobe vs Shaq drama... although I don't think text messages were ever brought up. I felt bad for Bellamy early on, but talking trash to 'the captain' is just uncalled for. Down with Bellamy! Oh yea, I already told what I think of the coach Graeme... he sucks too.