Monday, April 18, 2005

Next-Gen Madden commercial durring NFL Draft

As mentioned earlier in the pennyarcade strip, the 'Next Generation' of videogame consoles will be coming out soon with the Xbox-360 scheduled for October / November of this year and the PS3 and Nintendo Revolution expected sometime in the second half of 2006. This means a new generation of Madden / EA Sports games are in the works. This image is from the next-gen Madden... the facial detail is insane.

A commercial for the upcoming game will be aired once, during the first hour of the NFL draft (this Saturday @ 12:00pm EST). Here's a link to the EA page, they'll be releasing an image a day for the rest of the week. Also here are two links to some retro-videos that bring back memories of my 16-bit glory days (aka: when beating Joe or Ed was actually possible).

QuickTime Video1


  1. Shimmy, shimmy... Niggaz 4 Life!

  2. Think what the NBA players will look like or the soccer players... with out all the helmets and pads they will look crazy. Oh yea, and create a player with your own face stuck on will be sweet.