Thursday, April 21, 2005

Blow Wind, Come Wrack

Hey - in order to help kick off Witt's Final Countdown - I'll be cruisin back up to the Bus this Saturday.. The weather forecast for Sunday calls for "Rain/Snow/Wind" - sounds like perfect golfing weather to me - whatcha think?

Also - although only Lobao and The Brit may appreciate this - here's the introduction for a paper I'm writing:

Expert systems and A* search, while technical in theory, due to exponential log based emasquerading, have not until recently been considered practical. The shortcoming of this type of method, however, is that e-business and linked lists can connect to answer this issue. Similarly, a natural issue in machine learning is the simulation of the World Wide Web. The deployment of XML would minimally improve RAID.

For more, go here


  1. At least I'll die with golf clubs on my back.

    Just got my sticks back yesterday from getting new grips put on them. I am excited to get out there and see how they treat me. My 7iron grip was so bad I could barly hold on to it while swinging. Sunday I am out unless it is a later afternoon round as I have a baptism to attend in Bluffton Ohio. Don't ask where it is because I have no idea. I would prefer not to go but the decision is out of my control. I would be game for heavy drinking Saturday night though, if you have to sit through a distant to be relatives baptism why not do it hung over.
    I am up for golf afte work next week or Sunday late afternoon weather permitting.

  2. Man that reminds me of grad school... having to re-read sentences and construct their meaning word by word in your head multiple times... I'm still not sure what emasquerading, and neither is

    What is an "A* search", like a search for everything? Here's how I interpret it... "Previous research has shown that that expert systems and A* searches are possible. People are starting to use expert systems because companies still keep other user data in other locations that can be used to speed up the A* searches (i.e. reducing the amount of log based emasquerading. Now I'm lost. I know that RAID is file system often used for archiving and protecting data... and I guess using xml to format, input, screw around with that data would minimally improve it? Are you thinking of creating XML code to control, interact, provide security for data?

    So you'll be back Saturday the 23rd? I'm heading up to Cleveland this Friday, but I'll start the return trip after the first round of the Draft ~1:30pm. BTW I haven't played golf at all this year... there's always time to start.

  3. O.k. maybe I should chair a session at WMSCI or something... I just clicked on your other link and got the joke.

  4. Check out this paper... especially the author's name. Once your done with that check out this link. I love the world wide web!

  5. I'm guessing an "A*Search" is some kind of wild card search? It does remind me of Grad school too....hard.

    So, my plans to return for the hog roast are now officially dead due to my impending trip to Alicante, Spain. However, i am working on a new plan to see y'all....

  6. I'd like to play golf this weekend. I'm willing to make the trip north if anyone sets a tee time.

    Here's a portion from my "paper".

    Many theorists would agree that, had it not been for multicast frameworks, the construction of e-business might never have occurred. Given the current status of certifiable models, computational biologists daringly desire the visualization of red-black trees. Our focus in our research is not on whether the foremost optimal algorithm for the deployment of courseware by Harris and Harris is NP-complete, but rather on describing an application for congestion control (WaryHoy).