Tuesday, April 26, 2005


This came to me in a forward a few days ago. It's an application for a guys night out. You can use this to get clearance from your significant other. There's a version for a 'Girls night out' and it's one line... "I'm going out, o.k.!". Anywhoo I tweaked the archive list to the left, it's now a pull-down rather than a bunch of static links. Also I'm working on setting up a search bar so you can search for old blog posts and what not. Does the blogger task bar at the top work for anyone? It's supposed to search the blog but it never works for me. Also someone try a site search through google and tell me what happens.


  1. Hilarious. I'm gonna email that one around. As for the searches, nothing came up when I used the search function at the top of the Blogg. Also, when I tried a search using regular Google it did not bring up the postings I was looking for.

  2. Thanks for the info... I think google banned me from their lists or something... a yahoo site site search works though... Look for the Site/Domain field and enter eglobao.blogspot.com to search old postings.

    Yahoo! Advanced Search>

  3. A get out of work note for mega geeks (i've found my self it that category before).