Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Rants and Raves...

Today is hump day... anyone got any plans or are you just coasting by like me? The only thing really on my mind at the moment is Super Bowl plans and music / music players. First is anyone gonna have a kick-ass super bowl party, if such a thing exists? I think I actually prefer the layed back 'having friends over' type of parties... that way you don't miss the commercials and or random half-time boobs that people blow way out of proportion (what has seeing a boob ever done to you?). That reminds me check out the Onion's hard hitting take on the affect Janet's Wardrobe Malfunction has had on America's youth.

As far as music goes... I came back from my England trip with a disk of .mp3s from Andy the Brit. In turn... the Libertines rock in a classic british rock'n'roll way. Also the Zootons are sweet, they've got horns combined with a blusey rock sound. One of my favorite albums of the last year has been the black keys: Rubber City. They're a duo from Akron Ohio who sould like a meeting of the minds between the white-stripes and jimmi Hendrix. Oh yea, and I should mention modest mouse for Jared... he's been jocking them for a while and I really like their newest album 'good news for people who love bad news' (I hear past ones are good as well but I haven't made a purchase yet).

As far as music players go, I'm really considering an I-pod. I understand why not to get one... but I really like using I-tunes and I think the combination of the two would be hard to beat. Does anyone have an I-pod and use a PC? I just wonder whether or not you have to have I-tunes installed to access the pod or will it just show up as a removable drive.

Anyway, these are just some random thoughts of the moment... fill me in on new music you've discovered or your 'i-pod sucks' you should get this ideas (I'm looking in the brits corner for the latter).

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  1. I don't have anything intelligent to add - but a buddy of mine who has an ipod bought the radio tuner attachment.. it lets him wirelessly broadcast from the ipod to a radio on an FM (I think) frequency... pretty dope and worked pretty well too.