Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Turkey Bowl Take-over

Let us put all the huffs and puffs aside, stop the terrible saliva and flem build up between plays as we bend over to puke up a lung. This will give the Turkey Bowl a whole new meaning. The t-shirt ideas are endless. Go to this web address for the new turkey bowl

Great pictures e rock, I hope everyone had a fantabulous new years I know I did, thanks to PAT

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  1. I like it. No more back pain for a week after Thanksgiving. Here are a couple of excerpts from the FAQ page, sorry about the length. Good work Donk! Oh yea, for those of you that didn't check out the link... RPS = Rock, Paper, Scissors.

    14. Can RPS be played when there is nothing to be decided?

    Never. According to English laws dating back as far as 1842, RPS matches may only be played to make a decision on something. However, often frivolous excuses are made up in order to play. Due to the ensuing public outrage, the law was later amended to include RPS games for "honour". Since the inception of the World RPS Society the vast majority of games have indeed been for honour.

    26. Is it standard procedure to do the "motions" (i.e., scissors cutting the paper, or paper covering rock, or rock smashing scissors)?

    Submitted by Mike and Kim of Roanoke, Virginia

    The RPS Steering Committee made a ruling on this very issue in the late 80s. It was once common practice to "ritualize the win", as it was called, but unfortunately for a promising young player it was disastrous. In a hotly contested semi-final round Mustafa Nwenge of Kenya pulled a scissors and had the ligments in his index finger crushed by the overzealous rock of a Swedish contestant. Needless to say, the RPS Steering Committee ruled out ritualized wins for professional play. Sadly, Mustafa was never able to play competitively again, but we have been informed that he is in very hot demand as a motivational speaker.