Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Preach On

Finally, a magazine for alcoholics, by alcoholics - an excerpt:

Rich revels in the retrograde excess of his magazine. The way he sees it, reality is so awful, why not get drunk?

"People always say, 'If you drink, your problems will still be there in the morning,' " he said. "That's like telling a guy going to the Bahamas that in a week, he'll be right back where he started. Well, for a week, he'll be gone."

Those in the business of battling alcohol abuse find such sentiments appalling.

The rest is here

In a closely related story, J-o-e to the C will be making the journey up from Cincitucky tonite for the tackle football game.. the only question left to be answered is where we go to make our contributions to the Coors '08 campaign..


  1. I think you may have found your calling... I'm sure you could be a contributing author, dropping some insight on Taiwanese Drinking Culture. Anyway, I'm down with tonight's game (8PM T.V. Coverage) but I've got to be in the office at 7:00am tomorrow because of a meeting so I'll be taking this one easy and jumping into be a little after 12:00. Hopefully the game will be meaningless at that point.

    HenDocs might be as good a place as any to make a contribution. Anyone Second that Motion?? What's the tuesday night special?

  2. I second Hendocs, although it may be interesting to check out the new Pine at some point which is now open.

  3. No Joe... Repeat No Joe. I just got a call from Joey-O, and he's got some mysterious ass flu. Seriously, he's sick and he won't be making it up to Columbus Tonight. Looks like we'll have to pour out a little for Joe tonight.

  4. All systems go - I have voice confirmation from one General Edward Hastie that despite losing an invaluable soldier in the War For Alcoholism, we will carry on our mission tonight at one HenDoc's.

  5. The tuesday special is Long island iced tea...$2. Watch out or you'll black out.