Monday, December 20, 2004

Blind Punk

Argh. It was my company chrimbo party on friday, in London, in Soho. I was more blind drunk than you've ever seen me. We pulled a 24 hr session, with copious green interludes. I met Helen, E-lo and I's british house-mate from Maynard ave. I have pictures of us in somewhere i can't remember being, but looks like it could well have been the devil's womb.
E-lo, i missed my hook-up before he went home for chrimbo, but he'll be back and there is £40 waiting for him to sort us out something nice and green and festive for your arrival. My folks are in the flat now, ripping wallpaper and painting to get the place in shape for your arrival, i'll mail those train tickets out to helen today and the italian leather sofa and chairs are arriving tomorrow. I may use my nice 10% christmas bonus to go and buy a plasma TV....E-lo shall i wait until you ge there to do that?

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