Sunday, December 05, 2004

All or Nothing

Eddy your half studying half slacking is much better than my all watching TV/drinking/eating and no studying as of yet. Oh well, that 30 page paper that I haven't started yet shouldn't be that bad. Erin and I secured an apartment this weekend, it's in a Wyoming, about 10-15 minutes from downtown Cinci. The lady we are renting from is from Manchester, England. I told her I had a buddy from Newcastle and she said that they have plenty of jokes about Geordie's. Andy you need to give me some dirt on people from Manchester so I can have some ammo for her the next time I see her. She also said that they have plenty of jokes about Irish people, so I kicked her teeth in. Gorman, you would have been proud. Pat I hear you are in Isreal or something. Here is a good "practical joke" you should play there. Get a rag and wrap it around your head, then buy a bunch of road flares and tape them to your waist underneath a trench coat. Next, walk into a coffee shop, open your coat and yell "BOOM"!!! It will be halarious, and I'm sure all the locals will get a big kick out of it.

Nowa's brother emailed me this link:

It is kind of long, but well worth it.

Legal Disclaimer: To all extremely sensitive Jews, the language used in this blog were completely joking in nature. Noone in this blog condones anti-Israeli violence (I hope).

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