Tuesday, December 14, 2004

8 Days till Gorman...

Gorman returns from his world tour on December 20th (This coming Monday). Perhaps a Barley's wing night would be a good way to re-introduce Gorman to the Western world. We can eat smoked meats, drink high-qual / hand crafted beer and watch NFL football. Also, I think they have a 'back room' where we could get an LCD projector so gorman could show us all of his pictures from his journey. That's just a suggestion... the real point is lets plan on getting together to Welcome Gorman back... only 8 days to go!

Jared should also be making a return trip over the holidays... not sure of the details. And sorry for not returning your call over the weekend dude, I'll call you tonight.

P.S. Good Luck on your finals Ed & Joe... BE REAL SON!

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