Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Under pressure...

I just thought I'd post a little blog trying to pin down everyone's holiday plans. The Michigan game is this weekend, so I expect to see Ed, Alex, and Joe back in town for the day long drinking, and screaming extravaganza... wouldn't it be great if Braylon Edwards broke his leg this week in practice? I'm still planning on visiting Brit boy this January... I might be buying a flight this week. However, that still leaves Thanksgiving (I want some Hastie Left overs), Christmas, and New Years?! I think Jared mentioned coming home for Thanksgiving... word is Pat will be back around Christmas.

Anyway, does anyone have any cool plans? In other news I'm really thinking about getting an X-box just for Halo-2... I'm getting caught up in the buzz... check out this article if your interested... Halo 2: Are You The Last One?

LeBron James is the man!

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