Thursday, November 11, 2004


I hope everyone contributed some questions for the helpless metallica interviewer. I would imagine it would actually be easier to interview them if you knew nothing (ignorance is bliss right?). As I wrote up my questions I kept thinking... 'how many times have they been asked these exact same questions by some clueless reporter?'

In NBA news LeBron blew up last night dropping 38 points on the Phoenix suns... I wasn't there but I got a quick run down from Ed. The cavs were down by 19 at the start of the 4th quarter and the 19 year old baller from North East Ohio took over. Personally I don't think LeBron can win a championship on his own right now... he needs some sort of contribution from his teammates. I'm sure he can carry them on his back to the playoffs, but taking down Shaq and the Maddness from Mo-town just isn't likely.

Also here's an obligatory turkey bowl shout out... Thanksgiving is two weeks away. I might be overstepping my bounds here... but Seth's house could serve as a good gathering place for pre & post game activities.

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