Thursday, June 03, 2004

Jimmy is a fag

only fag's have lake houses and only fag's go to them. A nice semi-detached brick built in soaking wet blighty is what makes you a REAL man! I spend hours staring out into the grey, looming clouds pondering macho things that water-skiing just doesn't allow time to reflect poor bastards, i feel so sorry for you.
Anyway, I upped my bling levels the other day by aquiring a sleek new siemans sl55 sliding phone. apprently they's the new phone to be seen with according to pat o'brian. Also i am, on a daily basis, becoming mor and more aroused by the fact that we are now just 10 days away from Kick off of the European Championship in Portugal. Of course i'll be here, reporting every game live from the pub and informing you of just how good the England boys are, as well as how many birds we manage to have a positive influence on with the phrase "get yer tits out luv!".

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