Saturday, May 15, 2004

Rainy Saturday...

Well its a rainy, lazy saturday afternoon... the race for the cure is going on and I'm sitting in stauf's drinking my coffe and blogging on the run. Remember, Brad & Jared especially... driving by staufs at night and yelling die yupie scum? Well now I'm part of the yupie scum. Its funny how things change.

So what, if any concerts are people waiting for this summer? I know brad got tickets to metallica, but I think thats actually in september or something. Other than than that I haven't really heard of anything... I guess actually just haven't looked or paid attention to who's on tour and who's in the studio... actually I just got an email from Audio Slave promo shnap and their going into the studio... also Korn is working on a new album. Aparently their requesting the help of Little John... you know, Little John and the East Side Boys... I can just picture Johnathan Davis screaming "What... O.K." Keep it real my people and let me know what you got cooking for the summer.

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