Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Oops, Pow, Suprise!

Did anyone else see that Chapelle show? It was a classic. WAYNE BRADY BITCH! Anyhoo, I am gonna be on sui-psycho, suicide watch tomorrow also. I've got a constitutional law exam coming from a teacher who eats liberals for breakfast. He's the type of guy who takes pride in being unabashedly politically INcorrect. Sorry about that crude statement about your mom, Jared. I don't know what got into me. But I sure would like to get into your mom. Now for my summer top 10 list.
1. Smoke a blunt w/ Bizzy Bone on E.99 and St. Clair.
2. Go to D.C. (I've never been)
3. Go to N.Y. (My buddy Greg just moved to Brooklyn)
4. Go to Niagra and Toronto.
5. Make it down to C-bus every weekend that I don't have plans.
6. Drink 3 40's in one sitting while watching CB-40. Best line from that movie, "Never met a piece of pussy that I didn't like, Like to eat it, Like to suck it, Take a shit in a Bucket! Straight Outta Locash!"
7. Get so drunk at an Indians game that the usher asks me to leave.
8. Get some good footage on camera from the Pig Roast. I'm talking facial montage.
9. Play a lot of basketball at parks in Columbus and Cleveland.
10. Bring some sticky on to a golf course and toke while I stroke.
I'm out like a boner in mesh shorts.

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