Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Newcastle on the tele...

Good top ten J-man... speaking of Jared, Stpeven Gerrard of Liverpool had a great centering pass that some dude totally screwed up. If you can't tell I'm watching Newcastle take on Liverpool, at Anfield (spelling?). Its been a while since I've watched a premiership game, and if I know anything, I know its 10000 times better than MLS... on just about every possetion the ball is advanced towards the other teams's goal... Italian soccer is a little more 'chill' as the Italians generally take a different approach to the game. Alright, thats my blog and I'm sticking to it. Oh yea, one more thing, they showed a couple of Geordie Fans in the crowd, and they had their shirts off (classic Geordie)... oh oh, there go's Hesky... man he's large.

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