Monday, May 03, 2004

Kuntry Bumpkins

Well the paintball wasn't that wet, but the bonfire got soggy at times. The flame kept roaring while everyone around it was getting wet. Especially these kuntry chicks that were getting really wet looking at my studly John Deere t-shirt. My brothers arms were bruised and blistered from the numerous bare skin paintball blasts he recieved. Steve is not real good at being "low-key" in the forest. He tends to walk straight up and doesn't really ever seem like he's in a rush. As far as a teammate, he's good for bait. The party that night was cool, probably around 20 people showed up. It definately got me in the mood for a slightly larger outdoor party that should be taking place on July 3rd this year. Word to ya mutha!

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