Thursday, May 27, 2004

International Roasting Convention...

Ed, you probably need to consider changing professions. You need to start an international school of roast, where top flight pig roasters could meet and trade seasoning secrets and general roasting techniques. Its important research in an understudied field... you could make a real contribution.

One more thing... to make your links active you need to add a little bit of HTML

Here is an example, just remove all of the #...<#a href="">Dodge-ball The Movie<#/a>

Simply Remove the # and you get...
Dodge-ball The Movie

Between the quotes you put your url, while the text after the Url is the link label.... also check this... I guess you can add links using a little tool bar within the create post window... also don't forget to check the blogger FAQ for other cool shnap.

Blogger Help Topic 13

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