Thursday, May 13, 2004

Don't...don't you love me?

....Sorry i haven't been blogging for a little while. I've been 're-al'. dealing with interviewers and posh rah-rah tarzans who have bad things to say about my cousin...then get kicked in the gentlemens resultantly. Erick, post the email to explain all to the others.
So, i've got several inteviews lined up.

An alter-american-ego who the ladieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees lurve!

An idea to buy a 'van', but remember this is europe...small equals sexy. so a small van then.

free governmental money for not having a job, but promising to look.

Lots of baby relatives who, for some reason, f-ing love me and think 'i'm really funny' (looking).

Nuts the size of brazil, but not near as lucky.

a blonde who sends me dirty emails from columbus. i think you all know who i mean.

a potential shibby hook up.

and finally, a long, long list of cool-as-you-like places to take the first american who arrives on my doorstep. seriously (no, seriously) who's coming and when?

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