Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Yea, Yea, Yea...

I'll send you an invite to the GPN site... Jhonupski is the only other person with access to it, but he's yet to post anything... also I harassed Gorman into making an account, but I think he just gave them bogus information, his e-mail and username is, so I don't think he's officially registered... and I'm sure its probably a pain for him to check 'one more web-site' just because he's a selfish bastard who only cares about himself, and maybe an underage Chinese kid or two.

As for the tires... well lets just say that with out Brad & Scott my car would still be there. At the same time, if I had my old tires I'm sure I'd still be there too... they made a significant difference... where before I couldn't move even with people pushing... I could move, baby steps, baby steps, baby steps. The thing is... as far as I could tell something more like a big old suburban or steve springs f-250 would still have had problems... If I get some locking differentials that might make the biggest difference. Anyway I'm just glad we were able to drive that glorified golf cart home after it was all said and done.

Speaking of Steve Spring, that Wooster weekend sounds like a fun time... Ed you should bring your paint ball gun, and we could do a little three on three or something like that... Jim's packing heat, Seth & brad could contribute 3 -total... I've got my old thunder-chicken-bolt... anyhoo. This summer I'd like to do some sort of off-roading trip... maybe down to Tennessee... or who knows maybe even Maine.

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