Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Whats the haps on the craps?

As far as the weekend, I'm down for whatever... actually I think we should start off one night with a couple hours of dice throwing over at Eastview... there really is nothing better than drinking a 40 and yelling 'seven, seven-eleven, seven even back door little Joe!' to get the night started. Once all you suckas crap out I'll be ready to spend my shnaps at a local pub/drinking establishment. I haven't been to hendocs for a while and I'm sure watching you and Jim go at it in bubble hockey will be entertaining... especially when you too start wrestling in the parking lot. If its nice out maybe another quick visit to the old man's cave region would be fun... actually I'd like to tear up the back little trail down at the Farm if uncle paulie / brad would ablidge... that could be a little Saturday afternoon dealy... just something other than watching sports all day. Actually that reminds me I definitely want to take off the hard top, put on the soft top and cruise the ave (first ave of course).

This weekend is easter right? So what does that mean for everyone? Not in the 'lets reflect on the importance of god in our daily lives' but more along the lines of 'why are my weekend plans being put on hold because I have to eat dinner with relatives who smell bad?'

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