Friday, April 23, 2004

Want to post pictures to the blog...?

Here's the deal... this is from blogger support...

Blogger does not currently provide image hosting for free users, although you are welcome to include any images you like in your blog if you have them stored online elsewhere.

Once you have an image online, you can include it in either your template or in a specific post by typing in the following tag: <"img" src=""> (note I had to add quotes around <"img" so you could see the code and not a blank picture)... Just replace the URL here with the actual URL of your image.

----So if you see a cool picture on the web and you want it posted to the blog, all you have to do is add that little bit of code before and after the URL and it should look something like this...

Just remember, your url has to point directly to a image... you can't just point to a web page... thats a littel bit different code... more to come

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