Friday, April 02, 2004

My Mam is better than Ed's Mom!

Here is the email my mam just sent me....i thought i'd share it all with you

I've just been shopping for food)and don't think theres anything you can ask for that i havent got. i've got loads of apples oranges grapes etc. got steak, pork chicken, turkey, ham, cheese,pickled onions sweet pickles,chips, spicey wedges, pasta,curries, BIG yorkshire puddings to fill with sausages + onions roast potatoes, doritos and dips, onion rings, turkey goujons,bacon, eggs,mushrooms,beans,tomatoes,red wine, white wine, budwieser, stella artois, I actually spent £97 so will NOT be going food shopping for a while. I am going to make a big lasagne with my special topping and freeze it to take to Claires for our evening meal on Tuesday we will have spicey wedges and salad ciabatta bread followed by Tiramasu flavoured ice-cream red or white wine, then coffee and a few beers. Hope this meets with your approval.

fuck y'all! i'm going home now!!

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