Thursday, April 29, 2004

Bloggin on the run...

Yea Joey this weekend is going to be sweet, I still gotta grab one of the paintball guns from Brad... and tomorrow I'm gonna pick up some balls and air. Anyway, I'm rocking the blogg at Traci's house, thanks to the open / unprotected wireless network of some unknown neighbor... isn't technology great! So yea, now we got J-rod drop'n blogg, plush Joey, and if you guys think anyone else would be interested just drop me a line and send me their email and its on. Alright, I just got a great idea from Friends, lets have a bubble wrap boxing match some time. Everybody just wrap their heads in bubble wrap and... "GET IT ON!" (In the most extreme elimination voice).

Anyway, let me hear what your weekend plans are? Brit-boy, you gonna chill and watch football on the telly while your mam makes you a cup of tea to go along with your toast & beans. Jared, your probably going logging or something, clear cutting the last remaining old growth forest in the US, you bastard. Brad, your moving... and probably getting intoxicated. As for me I'll be heading up to the Woo-nasty for a little paint ball and intoxication. Ed, you should make it down to the Woo... but you probably won't cause your a bag... bring it biatch!!!!

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